18th Anniversarry

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Diamond Ladies Ring CWF2759
Diamond Ring Illusion Round CWF2759
IDR 9.796.000
Diamond Ladies Pendant LWF1122
Diamond Pendant Illusion Round LWF1122
IDR 9.796.000
Lucky Charm Pendant - (Alphabet Pendant) LWF0406 - Lagi Lagi Tennis
Lucky Charm Pendant - (alphabet Pendant) Lwf0406 -
IDR 9.800.000
Diamond Pendant LWF0216
Diamond Pendant Illusion Lotus LWF0216
IDR 9.872.800
Diamond Ladies Ring R13234-60
Diamond Ring Solitaire Maya R13234-60
IDR 9.874.000
Diamond Ladies Ring R17158-70
Diamond Ring Illusion Lotus R17158-70
IDR 9.900.000
Diamond Earrings AF0365
Diamond Earrings Illusion Lotus AF0365
IDR 9.900.000
Diamond Ladies Pendant HC-105
Diamond Necklace HC-105
IDR 9.903.000
Diamond Ladies Necklace LWF0743
Diamond Necklace Love LWF0743
IDR 9.903.000
Diamond Ladies Ring P-DRF0090
Diamond Ring Listring P-DRF0090
IDR 9.920.000
Bamboo Diamond Ladiees Ring CWF3108
Diamond Ring Bamboo CWF3108
IDR 9.969.000
Diamond Disney Bracelet DIS-PGR0290
Diamond Disney Bracelet DIS-PGR0290
IDR 9.999.000

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