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Gemstone Guide: All You Need To Know about The Incredible Gemstone

gemstone, gemstone guide

In the jewellery industry, the term “gemstone” exists. The broad definition says that it is a piece of mineral crystal that is valued for its durability, rarity, and beauty, even for its mystical properties. But, many gemologists explain that not all gemstones are minerals since they have pearl as an organic gemstone and amber as a fossil tree on the list.

There are two categories in terms of gemstones, namely precious and semi-precious. In the previous category, there are rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, they’re called The Big 4. The rest are on the list of semi-precious categories.

Key Characteristics of Gemstones

As we mentioned earlier, there are characteristics in gemstone definition, they are:


Beauty and variety are subjective among individuals. But, when we talk about gemstones, it's absolute. The color, luster, transparency, and optical effect contribute to the overall charm of a gemstone.


Durability consists of toughness, hardness, and stability. They are important and influence how the gemstones are cut and used.


Gemstones are mostly rarer than other minerals or metals. So, they are usually sold in high-rate cost.

List of Gemstone Families

There are several broad categorizations in the world of gemstones, such as Organic and Inorganic materials or diamonds and colored gemstones. However, the most effective method of categorizing gemstones is based on their chemical composition and crystal structure, commonly referred to as Gem Families. There are two primary types of these families:

Single Stones

These gemstones have a distinctive chemical composition and structure that sets them apart from others. Diamond, Peridot, and Iolite are on the list of the category.


In a variety of categories, a cluster of gemstones exhibits identical or similar chemical composition and structure. But they present recognized varieties that are distinguished by various colors or effects.

The Most Popular Gemstones in The World

To determine the "most popular" gemstones can vary depending on different factors, like individual tastes, cultural preferences, and trends. Here are a few gemstones that are widely considered to be among the most popular:

1. Diamond

Famous for the most iconic gemstone in the world, diamonds stand apart in a category of their own. While the colorless or 'white' diamonds enjoy widespread fame, the spectrum of diamonds extends across various hues, including blue, pink, yellow, purple, and red.

Distinguished as the hardest-known natural material, diamonds boast unparalleled durability, making them an immensely popular choice for diverse jewelry pieces. This enduring appeal is particularly evident in the realm of engagement rings, where the timeless allure of diamonds continues to captivate and symbolize enduring love and commitment.

2. Emerald

Emeralds are gemstones that distinguished green variety within the beryl family and stand out as one of its most coveted members. They have a captivating green hue color, ranging from pale shade to vivid, and also vibrant.

For those who like the beauty of green jewelry, emerald is a timeless choice that can be replaced by any other gemstone.

3. Ruby

Belonging to the corundum family, ruby is the most precious gemstone that stands out for its red vibrancy. These gemstones hold the title of the most expensive colored gemstones.

They show a delicate pinkish-red, deep, and luxurious red. Aside from its color, ruby is also known for its incredible durability.

4. Sapphire

Within the corundum family, sapphire is one of the gemstones that have distinctive variants. Their hue is diverse from palette, like purple, orange, yellow, and green.

The wide spectrum of sapphire colors, coupled with their remarkable durability, positions them as a favored choice for various types of jewelry.

5. Amethyst

Belonging to the quartz family, amethyst represents the captivating purple variant. Its unique hue spans from delicate lilac to profound violet, establishing it as one of the most favored quartz varieties.

The interesting thing about this gemstone is, amethyst is recognized for its durability so the jewelry industry uses it for making various adornments.

6. Pearl

Pear is a natural gemstone forming within a living creature. But you know that extracting this gemstone from the depths of the sea takes a long process and time.

Cultured pearls showcase a diverse array of colors, ranging from white and light cream to rosy, green, gold, grey, black, and more.

According to history, pearls symbolized purity, wealth, and fertility, transcending their physical beauty to carry deep cultural and mythological significance.

7. Moonstone

Moonstone is a captivating gem renowned for its unique optical effects, particularly adularescence, that gives it a soft, moonlight-like glow. This gemstone belongs to the feldspar mineral category that comes in various colors, the most valued variant is rainbow moonstone.

Moonstone symbolizes intuition and balance, moonstone is popular in jewelry, especially for its mystical allure.

8. Peridot

The gemstone that belongs to August’s birthstone, peridot appears in the green color and spans from pale yellowish green to coveted vibrant green. The latter shade is the most popular variant.

Peridot is a popular alternative to emeralds so this gem is often chosen for jewellery. This gem is better suited for earrings and pendants than for rings.

9. Opal

For its unique play of color, opal has become the world’s most distinctive and stunning gemstone. This gemstone comes in various types, like black opal, white, and crystal opal. These opals are Typically cut into cabochons, despite their remarkable beauty, they don’t have good durability.

10. Aquamarine

Being in the family of beryl, aquamarine exhibits a blue-green color with various greenish-blue to dark-blue hues. This gemstone is often chosen for jewelry for its value and durability. If you like to have them, consider making them into necklaces or rings.

gemstone, gemstone guide

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