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Wedding Ring Guide for the Best Moment for Your Life

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Wondering how to buy the best ring for your wedding? You come to the right place. Here you can find a complete guide and answers that will help you to choose the right metal and others. But first, let us ask you how a wedding ring is important.

A wedding ring functions as a private and public symbol of love and commitment. It celebrates the vows between two loves on the wedding day, making the marriage official. There are many options for this distinctive ring you can choose such as diamond rings, metal wedding rings, or a unique alternative ring.

Complete Guide For Choosing The Best Size For Your Wedding

As a professional jewellery boutique, we have analyzed some issues related to the wedding ring. So here is the guide!

Set Your Budget

Wedding rings are available to suit any budget. You can find the best quality rings for over IDR 2 million or luxury ones for over IDR 20 million. Prices can vary based on the material and other elements that are used in the ring. The rarer material used for a ring, the cost will be higher.

Finding Your Ring Size

Discover helpful tips and tools to find out the accurate size for the ring. You can use our ring size method or you can find your method. Find the best method so you get the right measurement for your special ring.

Select A Ring Style

Do a good consideration with you and your partner. This is because every individual has different tastes. You may like a simple band, while your partner tends to like the luxury ones. To make it easier to understand, we simplify the wedding ring into three categories, such as shape, plain, and stone set with diamonds or gemstones.

Plain bands are a classic ring. Today, stone-set rings have gained popularity. Shaped rings are often part of bridal sets. For diamond settings, make sure you choose the best between the diamond and the metal. You can explore our diamond guide for more information.

Choose Your Metal

If we talk about the engagement ring, a round diamond comes to mind. But when wedding ring topics are brought up, metal or material band is the main focus. We guess that the complete wedding ring guide we wrote in this article is the best answer for you who is preparing the best wedding.

Talking about metal, this is a crucial guideline to preserve the best quality. Here are the top 5 metals for a wedding ring.


There are three varieties of gold, white, yellow, and gold. The gold price is influenced by carat and rarity. You know the rarest gold in the world? It's Welsh gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold calls you who like a feminine, trendy, and radiant wedding ring. This unique rosy-pink tone is achieved through a combination of chopper and yellow gold.

Yellow Gold

Like to have a timeless ring? Choose yellow gold for your wedding. This gold never fades from style and the bright finish of this gold can be perfect for your special moment.

White Gold

The delicate hue of white gold is achieved by blending yellow gold with other white metals. It's crucial to know that white gold may lose its luster over time. Nevertheless, a simple remedy is to periodically apply a fresh coating of Rhodium can make the shine stay.


This metal stands out for its lavish looks. And you know, it's thirty times scarcer than gold. The platinum's rarity contributes to the high cost. The best part of this metal is that its durability is excellent and it makes platinum the best selection for stone-set rings. It can hold the diamond or gems securely.


Palladium is a newcomer in the jewellery industry. This metal belongs to the same family as platinum, so it's renowned for its luxury looks, but in a lighter and more budget-friendly version. If you like to have a unique but comfortable ring, palladium is the best choice since it has a natural white finish, and the cost is not as high as other metals.

Find Out Your Ring Profile

Choosing the best profile for your ring is crucial. Of the many varieties of ring profiles, the most important are flat court, diamond set flat court, D shape, and diamond set court. Make sure you have the best and most comfortable ring profile to wear.

wedding ring, wedding ring guide,

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