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Diamond Ring Eterno CWF1458
Diamond Ring Eterno CWF1458
Diamond Ring Eterno CWF1458
Diamond Ring Eterno CWF1458

Product Specification:

Type Diamond Jewelry
Color White Gold 18K
Weight 5.77 Gr
Ring Size 12.5
Diamond 18 pcs & 3.935 ct

Diamond Information:

Shape Color Clarity Quantity Carat
Round F VVS 18 3.935

Product Information:

Secure Shopping

At Passion Jewelry, we understand that your shopping journey is not just a transaction;
it's an experience woven with passion and excitement.
In our commitment to providing you with a seamless and secure shopping experience, we prioritize three pillars that form the foundation of your trust: Online Shopping Experience, Online Transaction Security, and Customer Data Security.

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Life Time Product Warranty

Passion Jewelry take immense pride in not only crafting exquisite pieces but also in ensuring that your investment is accompanied by the assurance it deserves.
Our warranty program is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, encompassing meticulous protection against Manufacture Defects and offering complimentary cleaning services.
To uphold the integrity of this warranty, it is imperative to outline the exclusions which, regrettably, include damage resulting from Human Error and Chemical Damage.

1. Manufacture Defects Coverage
Your Jewelry is a manifestation of our dedication to precision. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship, and in the rare event of a Manufacture Defect, rest assured that we will rectify it.
Our warranty covers any flaws arising from the manufacturing process, ensuring that your jewelry maintains its splendor throughout the passage of time.

2. Complimentary Cleaning Services
To keep your Passion Jewelry gleaming as brightly as the day you acquired it, we offer complimentary cleaning services.
Entrust us with the care of your cherished pieces, and we will ensure they continue to radiate the brilliance that caught your eye.
Our commitment extends beyond the initial purchase, aiming to enrich the longevity of your jewelry and preserve its luminous allure.

Exclusions: Protecting Against Unforeseen Circumstances
While our warranty comprehensively covers manufacturing defects and includes cleaning services, it is essential to acknowledge the exclusions.
The warranty does not extend to damages resulting from Human Error or Chemical Damage.
We advise exercising caution to safeguard your precious investment from these specific circumstances, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your Passion Jewelry.

Diamond Ring Eterno CWF1458

IDR 208.582.400
CWF1458 / D5XERF / BGJ

    An symbol of commitment, our Engagement Rings hold profound significance for both the giver and receiver, symbolizing a pledge to share joyous days and embrace the next exciting chapter in life together

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Shipping Insurance Safe Delivery
Free Delivery Service Ship By Request
Certified Diamonds Get Official Certificate
Flexible Payment Options Debit Card, Credit Card, Kredivo, Gopay
Membership Poin
Bonus Membership Point Earn up to +347 Points

How to Measure Your Ring Size

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