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Diamond Wedding Ring CKF0081B

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Introducing "Captured", a collaboration with @riomotret

When people say that a picture speaks a thousand words, we are well aware of the power images have over the human mind and how proper use of them can convey deep emotional connections.

We introduce you, the Eternity Wedding Band inspired from the shape of a camera lens that is a part of Rio Motret's life which always captured the best and most beautiful moments of happiness in people's lives. Because life's little moments are meant to be captured. ✨


  • Diamond 38 = 0.690ct BLACK/ND


IDR 21.439.000


IDR 20.999.000
Bebas Biaya Kirim
Asuransi Pengiriman
+84 Poin

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Diamond Wedding Ring CKF0081B

About This Product

Diamond Wedding Ring CKF0081B - CKF0081B

White Gold - 75% - 9.39gr

Diamond 38 0.690ct BLACK/ND

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