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Elodie Diamond Earrings AF0878

IDR 133.817.000

Descriptions & Detail

Introducing ELODIE Collection

The shape came from Iris flower petals, symbolizing luxury and class. It also has the meaning of confidence and hope.

Please check the stock first before ordering to our official WhatsApp (08153 9455102) if the stock is ready, the product will be sent to you within 3 working days. If it's out of stock, we will put it in pre-order with ETA 14 working days.


  • Diamond 660 = 4.909 TCW F/VS
Bebas Biaya Kirim
Asuransi Pengiriman
+223 Poin

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Elodie Diamond Earrings AF0878

About This Product

Elodie Diamond Earrings AF0878 - AF0878

All Materials - 75% - 21.91gr

Diamond 660 4.909 TCW F/VS

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